How do I adopt a cat or dog?

We have a low adoption fee of a $1 cash payment, as your expenses will primarily be associated with vaccination, microchip and spay/neuter requirements.

Pick the veterinarian of your choice, and prepay for rabies vaccination, microchipping and spaying/neutering services. 

Bring the invoice in, along with the $1 adoption fee payment.

Dogs/Cats under 6 months: You'll have to sign an agreement to sterilize the animal, but you will be able to take your new friend home the same day.

Dogs/Cats 6 months and older: Animal Services will hold the animal until its veterinarian appointment. You can pick the animal up at the vet's office after the appointment is finished.

More information at our Adoptions/Reclaims page.

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1. How do I adopt a cat or dog?
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