What must I do if I am involved in a motor-vehicle accident?

Immediately stop your vehicle after the accident. If possible, position your vehicle in a place to reduce obstruction to other motorists.

You must provide your name, address and registration number to others involved in the accident, and show your driver's license if asked. 

If somebody is injured, you must provide "reasonable assistance" to the victim, which can include calling for emergency help or taking the injured to receive medical care.

Any accident "resulting in bodily injury or death of any personal or property damage to an apparent extent of five hundred dollars ($500) or more" must be reported to appropriate law enforcement. 

In the case of minor accidents without injuries, all parties may agree to exchange needed information and go their separate ways without contacting law enforcement. If this option is selected, police reports cannot be filed later and any claims pursuant to the accident must be sought in civil court.

If you damage an unoccupied vehicle while driving, you must attach a note to the damaged vehicle. The note must be legible, affixed in a secure and conspicuous location and include your name and address, the vehicle owner's name and address (if different) and a description of what happened.

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