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Posted on: January 13, 2021

Bulk-trash collection sites planned for four Saturdays

Bulk Trash Saturday

The City of Roswell Solid Waste Department will set up a bulk-trash collection site for four consecutive Saturdays, with the free collection site shifting to a different part of the city each week. 

The temporary collection sites are scheduled to begin Saturday, Jan. 23. Solid Waste staff will be present at each weekly Saturday site, which will operate from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., to answer questions about disposing of bulk trash and to assist with the collection effort. However, staff will not be unloading trucks or trailers, but dump trailers can be accommodated. Citizens should ensure they and those with them can unload from their vehicles and other carriers whatever bulk trash they bring. The bulk trash – trash items too large or otherwise cumbersome for standard trash bins – disposed of at the temporary collection sites can include electronics. 

While the supply lasts, the Solid Waste Department will offer mulch to residents who wish to pick some up at the Saturday collection sites. 

The dates and sites for the free collection are:

Jan. 23: Wool Bowl, 1800 N. Grand Ave.

Jan. 30: Elks Pool, Southeast Main Street (south of East Poe Street)

Feb. 6: Stiles Field, 800 S. Wyoming Ave.

Feb. 13: Old airport runway across from Cielo Grande Recreation Area, 1600 block W. College Blvd.

The temporary bulk-trash collection sites cannot accept refrigerators, freezers or air-conditioning units since those appliances contain Freon, which requires different disposal processing that cannot be done at the temporary sites. Other appliances can be brought to the temporary sites. Refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioning units should be brought directly to the landfill; they should not be left in alleys or at curbs. The temporary collection sites also cannot accept household hazardous waste such as paints and certain other liquids, as well as lightbulbs. 

The Solid Waste Department’s grappler truck makes its way around town as staffing and time permits to collect bulk trash from alleys and curbsides. Residents who use an alley trash bin for regular trash should place bulk trash (excluding refrigerators and freezers) just outside their rear residential fence (but at least 12 inches away from the fence) adjacent to their property along the alley. Those with rollout containers for their regular trash should place bulk trash (excluding refrigerators and freezers) in the area at the curb near where the rollout container is placed. Learn more about acceptable bulk-trash items and how to properly dispose of them

Wednesdays and Saturdays have been designated to serve residents who want their bulk trash picked up right away. Residents can call the Solid Waste Department at (575) 624-6746 to request a pick-up. Call Tuesday for Wednesday pick-up or call Friday for Saturday pick-up. There is a charge for this specific pick-up service. The rates, based on the amount of trash, can be obtained from the Solid Waste Department. 

City ordinance requires residents to compress or break down bulky solid waste into securely-tied bundles no more than four feet long and 50 pounds in weight. Ordinance also requires boxes and similar containers, if not broken down, to be “nested” together by placing smaller boxes inside larger ones. These bundles and nested boxes should not include any leaves, papers or other small loose materials. Another requirement calls for grass clippings and weeds to be placed in plastic bags or cardboard boxes (but not in groups of nested boxes) with the weight of each filled container not exceeding 35 pounds. 

City of Roswell residents are also reminded they can bring one pickup truckload of regular trash (no appliances) to the landfill each month for free. The resident must bring his or her water bill when bringing trash to the landfill for the free drop-off. 

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