Parks & Recreation Emergency Announcements

To sign up for emergency announcements from Parks and Recreation, click the Notify Me page and follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Visit the Notify Me page. Provide an email address at the prompt, then click on "Sign In."

Park Rec Alert 1

Step 2

Once you add an email address, you'll have the ability to add a mobile number for text alerts.

Park Rec Alert 2

Step 3

Add a phone number, and click on "Save."

Park Rec Alert 3

Step 4

Scroll to the "Alert Center" portion of the Notify Me page. You can click the letter icon for email updates, the phone icon for mobile updates, or both.

Park Rec Alert 4

Step 5

When you sign up via email, you will receive this message. Look for an email from, and click on the link to verify your subscription.

Park Rec Alert 5

Step 6

A similar message will pop up when you sign up for text notifications. Follow the instructions in the text message to verify your subscription.

Park Rec Alert 6

You will now receive notifications from Parks and Recreation staff. The notifications include but are not limited to facility closures, weather delays and class cancellations.

Questions? Give us a call at 575-624-6719.