Cristina A. Arnold


  • Vice Chair of General Services Committee
  • Member of Infrastructure Committee


Cristina A. Arnold, currently serves as the Roswell City Councilor for Ward 1. She is a proud fourth-generation Roswellian and New Mexican. She is a local small business owner, mother of three beautiful adult children and an active member of several local civic organizations. With a diverse background in community advocacy, and a legal education, she is equipped to fulfill the needs and aspirations of the community she serves.   

Cristina actively engages with Ward 1 residents and community organizations to ensure their voices are heard in City Council decisions. With a goal to create a vibrant and equitable community for all Roswell residents, her areas of focus are: Antiquated Laws, Infrastructure, Crime, and Economic Development.

Antiquated Laws & Policy:

  • Admin Code 
  • Franchise Fee
  • Zoning & Building Codes
  • Noise Ordinance
  • UFO Memorial
  • Visitor Center
  • Affordable Housing Act


  • Community Research for Master Plan 
  • Portland Loos
  • Facilitate Solution driven support for community growth and development


  • Addressing Behavioral Health on Local & State level
  • “The Hive” Community Resource Center-Opioid Funding
  • Encourage Lead Program
  • RPD Watch Center- Main Street, Convention Center, Cielo Grande, etc. 

Economic Development:

  • Reno Air Racing Association
  • Airport & South Side Development 
  • Affordable Housing
  • MSR- Revitalization - Gateway & Way Finding Grant, Art & Cultural Murals
  • Streamlining the City’s Permitting Process with Community Development
  • Quality of Life Grant for design of Competitive Skate Park

As Roswell City Councilor for Ward 1, Cristina A. Arnold remains steadfast in her commitment to making a positive impact on the community she calls home.