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Science for the Next Generation

ScienceFlix combines curriculum- driven, leveled content, interactive features, and intuitive navigation into a single, highly-engaging digital resource for students in grades 4 through 9.


Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and designed for unparalleled student engagement, ScienceFlix provides an in depth examination on more than 30 different scientific topics.
Areas of study include:
  • Earth Science
  • Space Science
  • Life Science
  • Health and Human Body
  • Physical Science
  • Technology and Engineering


Each of the 30 areas of study feature:
  • Videos – to introduce the subject and build background knowledge
  • Lead Articles – to build content-area knowledge
  • Dive Deeper Articles – to encourage a deeper level of understanding
  • Inquiry Questions – to develop students' ability to cite specific text evidence and support scientific analysis
  • Project Ideas – to integrate quantitative or technical information
  • Experiments – to develop a student's ability to follow multi-step procedures
  • Quizzes – to assess students' understanding of each of the 30 units
  • Featured Careers – to inspire budding scientists and provide typical career maps for each job opportunity

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