User Responsibilities

Privacy Screens

The Library also provides privacy screens to protect the privacy of the user and interests of other Library users including minors. Privacy screens are not perfect and may allow individuals not using the computer to see the screen.

Online Privacy

Users are cautioned that the Internet is not a secure environment. Users, including minors, are warned that personal information included in all transactions, files and communication may be subject to unauthorized access by third parties who may misrepresent themselves. Users, including minors, are advised not to share personal identification information with unknown or otherwise unverified sources via electronic communication.

The Roswell Public Library respects the confidentiality of those using its electronic resources and will only release Library records as required by law or for the Library’s operation.

Staff Assistance

Staff cannot provide individual or in-depth training concerning Internet computer jargon or personal computer use. We recommend that users consult the available books about the Internet, and we may be able to offer suggestions and answer questions.


As with other Library materials, restriction of a child’s access to, and use of the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or guardian, not the Library or its staff. Parents should supervise their child’s use of the Internet. No Filtering Software Is Foolproof. Users may inadvertently or accidentally be exposed to sites which a parent may find to be personally objectionable or inappropriate for their children. Filtering software is not a substitute for parental involvement in a child’s use of the Internet. The filtering software installed is not guaranteed to protect a child from access to information that a parent/guardian finds inappropriate. Parents or guardians, and not Library staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children.

Child Internet Use Form

To access a computer, a minor child (under age 18) is required to have a “Child Internet Use Form” signed by a parent or guardian prior to accessing the computer. This form is required for access to any of the networked computer workstations and/or use of the Library’s Internet.