Internet & WiFi

The Roswell Public Library makes it possible to access the World Wide Web using your own internet capable device.

WiFi & Wired Internet Access

The Roswell Public offers WiFi Internet access. Your device must have a Wireless Interface.

To access the Wireless network, open your available networks and select "COR-Guest".  Once you are connected you have to agree to the City of Roswell Terms of Agreement by clicking "Accept" at the bottom of the screen.  After clicking "accept"  you will taken to the City of Roswell's homepage and you are now connected to our Guest Wireless connection!  If these terms do not come up after showing you are connected to the network try opening your Internet browser for these terms to appear.

Unsecured Network Warning

Please note: this is an unsecured network! For your own information safety we recommend you have a personal firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware software installed on your system.

General Internet Access Only

Connectivity is for general internet access only; Telnet sessions or SMTP mail are not allowed. Web based mail such as Yahoo! mail, Hotmail, etc., and forwarding services such as are okay.

Library Printer

Printing to the Library printer is available for both Windows and Macintosh laptop. Ipads and IPhone through the PrinterOn App.

This access is provided "as is"; library personnel are not trained to troubleshoot connectivity or browser issues.