Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

(Re)Visions of Tomorrow  

June 25 – October 30, 2022

Inspired by science fiction, the summer special exhibition, Future Shock, features 16 national and international artists exploring humanity's shared future and our connection to space, science and technology. The exhibition includes a diverse array of concepts and media—virtual reality and installation art to sculpture, film and drawingeach with a unique aspect on the ways in which technology impacts our experience of the world.  Read more »



July 16 – August 28, 2022

Vacation is an exhibition of two animations by Yifan Jiang, Roswell Artist-in-Residence, and her collaborator, James J.A. Mercer. Experiential in nature, the works in this exhibition synthesize handmade painting with hands-off digital processes, finding absurdity somewhere between the narrative and the visual. Illogical storytelling points to abstract ideas while retaining the flavor of real life.  Read more » 


Kate Turner: Somewhere That's Green

Roswell Artist-in-Residence 

May 7 – July 3, 2022

Samuel H. Marshall & Donald Winston Gallery 

In Somewhere That's Green, Kate Turner, Roswell Artist-in-Residence (RAiR), has made “out of place,” a space for her various forms and ideas. Her experience of frequent moves and re-location have become an important element in her work. She examines notions of “hometown,” bringing together the uncanny remnants of a fractured narrative into fusion. Read more »

Kate_Turner image

Fritz Scholder: Focus on the Figure

March 26 - September 2022

Paul Horgan Gallery

Interdisciplinary artist Fritz Scholder (1937-2005) grew up in Breckenridge, Minnesota. Scholder’s ancestry was predominantly European with only 25% being Native American through his father. He was formally enrolled in the California Mission tribe of Luiseños called the La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians. Read more »

Scholder_Portrait of an American 2_1978.001.0002

Roy De Forest: Irreverent Magic 

March 26 – September 2022

Graphics Gallery

Interdisciplinary artist Roy De Forest (1930-2007) grew up in a farming family, first in North Platte, Nebraska. A combination of unfortunate events, including drought, grasshoppers, and the Great Depression, necessitated a move west to the state of Washington’s Yakima Valley where the De Forest family harvested pears and plums. Read more »

De Forest_Untitled_1980.037.0022web

Decades: The 1970s

January 14 - May 29, 2022
Spring River and Hunter Galleries

It is necessary to occasionally look back to better understand where we are now. Decades: The 1970s is a continuation of the Roswell Museum’s look at artistic output on a ten-year basis reflecting on how artists grappled with the changing times. All works presented in this exhibition are from the museum’s permanent collection. Read more » 

Colleen Browning Union Mixer, 1975

Barbara Latham: Lifetime Artist

December 29, 2021 – May 29, 2022
Donald B. Anderson Gallery

Pictorial artist and illustrator Barbara Latham (1896-1989) was a Roswell Artist-in-Residence (RAiR) 1967-1968. Latham and her husband, fellow artist Howard Cook, helped create what became the RAiR program that continues to this day. Read more » 

Barbara Latham self portrait

Michele Bourque Sewards: Flora & Fauna

December 22, 2021 – Summer 2022
Entry Gallery

Pictorial artist Michele Bourque Sewards was a Roswell Artist-in-Residence (RAiR) 1973-1974. Many of the works featured in this exhibition were created during that time. Bourque Sewards credits her experience in the RAiR program as a major catalyst in her artistic career, opening doors to ..Read more »

Michelle Borque Sewards lithograph called Flower

Made in New Mexico

December 2018 - Long term display
Patricia Gaylord Anderson Gallery

New Mexico is home to a lot of great things, from important historical sites and diverse state parks to roasted green and red chilies. It’s also a land rich with artistic traditions, and continues to be an inspiration to artists today. Read more »


Robert H. Goddard: The Father of Modern Rocketry

On Permanent Display
Goddard Gallery and Workshop

In 1898, a teenage Robert Hutchings Goddard (1882-1945), captivated by the realism of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, “…imagined how wonderful it would be to make some device which had even the possibility of ascending to Mars.”  Read more »

Hurd & Wyeth: Picturing the Hondo Valley

On Permanent Display
Founders Gallery

 The Roswell Museum and Art Center is home to the largest public collection of works by Peter Hurd and Henriette Wyeth, painters who have both become synonymous with the landscape and culture of southeastern New Mexico. Read more »

West of Beyond: The Rogers and Mary Ellen Aston Collection of the American West

On Permanent Display
Aston Galleries

Donated by Rogers Aston, The Aston Collection of the American West is one  of the most popular and historically significant aspects of the Roswell Museum and Art Center’s holdings. An independent oil producer, rancher, sculptor, and philanthropist, Aston developed a keen interest in the West during time spent on his family’s various ranches. Read more »