Fare, Token and Monthly Pass Information

Please have your fare ready and pay upon boarding with exact change, token or monthly pass. Exact fare, please. For your safety, drivers do not carry change. Fare boxes do accept dollar bills but no change is returned. No money is kept in the Dispatcher’s Office. Change for $1 or $5 bills can be obtained upstairs in the Pecos Trails Transit System Administration Office. Larger bills are only accepted in payment for tokens or a monthly pass.

If you will need to board a second bus in order to reach your destination, please ask the driver of your first bus for a Transfer when you are paying your fare. Monthly pass users do not need Transfers.

Fare Rates

  • Full Fare: 14-59 years old - $0.75 or one Red token
  • Reduced Fare: Children 5-13 years old - $0.50 or one Green token
  • Students: With school-issued identification - $0.50 or one Green token
  • Seniors: 60 years and older with license or state-issued identification - $0.35 or one Blue token
  • Persons with Disabilities: With Pecos Trails Transit System Photo ID* - $0.35 or one Yellow token
  • Children 0-4 years old: When accompanied by a responsible person - Free
  • Personal Care Attendants: With proper Pecos Trails Transit System identification and riding with a Client - Free

Fare Tokens

Fare tokens are available for purchase upstairs in the Pecos Trails Transit System Administrative Office. Tokens are priced at 10 rides for the price of 9 and are sold only in packages of 10.

  • Adults - Red - $6.75
  • Students - Green - $4.50
  • Seniors - Blue - $3.15
  • Persons with Disabilities (must show Photo ID*) – Yellow - $3.15

Token sales are final, no refunds.

Monthly Passes

Monthly Passes are available for all riders. Passes are available for the following month in the week before the end of the current month. To purchase a pass, please visit upstairs at the Pecos Trails Transit bus station, 515 N. Main St. Payments accepted include cash, check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. Checks that are returned for insufficient funds will result in losing the privilege to pay with checks in the future. Pass prices are as follows.

  • Adults (14-59 years) Red Pass - $27
  • Students (14 years and older with school-issued ID) - Green Pass $18
  • Seniors (60 years and older with license or state-issued ID) - Blue Pass $12.60
  • Disabled (with Pecos Trails Transit System Disabled Photo ID*) - Yellow Pass $12.60

Pecos Trails Transit System recommends you have your monthly pass laminated in order to protect it from being accidentally destroyed. Pecos Trails Transit System will laminate Monthly Passes and Disabled Photo IDs free of charge; other business card-sized items (except for Social Security cards) can be laminated for $1.

Passes purchased after the first of the month are NOT prorated.

To accommodate our fixed-income passengers, monthly passes are valid through the 3rd day of the following month.

Monthly Pass Rules

  • All Pass sales are final, no refunds.
  • Pass can only be used by the passenger to whom it’s issued
  • Entire pass must be shown to the Operator
  • Subject to Pecos Trails Transit System Rules and Regulations
  • Not valid if mutilated
  • All reduced fare users must have a proper identification each time you board the bus.

*Photo IDs for Passengers with Disabilities

Photo ID cards for passengers with disabilities are available at no charge upstairs in the Pecos Trails Transit System office. In order to obtain a Disabled Passenger photo ID you must provide a copy of a recent Social Security award letter, or a letter from a health care professional stating that you are disabled. You must also provide some other form of photo ID. You will be required to show the Disabled Passenger photo ID in order to pay the reduced fare, or to use a Yellow token or a Yellow monthly pass.