Fare, Token, and Monthly and Annual Pass Information

Fare Structure
Please have your fare, token, or pass ready prior to boarding. Exact fare, please. For security reasons, drivers do not carry change. Fare boxes accept dollar bills but no change is returned. No money is kept in the Dispatcher's Office. Change can be obtained upstairs in the Roswell Transit Administration Office.

If you will need to change buses in order to reach your destination, please ask the driver of your first bus for a Transfer before taking your seat. Monthly pass users do not need Transfers.

Photo ID cards for passengers with disabilities are available at no charge upstairs in the Roswell Transit administration office. In order to obtain a Disabled Passenger photo ID you must provide a copy of a recent Social Security award letter, or a letter from a health care professional stating that you are unable to drive. You must also provide some other form of photo ID. You will be required to show the Disabled Passenger photo ID in order to pay the reduced fare, or to use a Yellow token or a Yellow monthly pass.


Transfers: Transfers are issued Only Upon Request and Only Upon Boarding. They are valid only to complete a one-way trip within the system. Transfers must be presented to the driver of the bus you are boarding.

Only transfers with the proper code, color and letter of the day will be accepted. Mutilated transfers will not be accepted.