Existing Sanitary Sewer System

Plant Location

All sanitary sewage within the corporate limits of the City of Roswell is collected in a network of pipes and transmitted to an existing sewage treatment plant operated by the City. This plant is located east of the city at 2800 East College Blvd. The locations and pipe sizes of the wastewater interceptor pipe network are illustrated on Figure 6, Public Utilities.

Sewer System Statistics

  • The sewer collection system consists of 250 miles of sewer lines and approximately 4,000 manholes.
  • There are four lift stations, one located at the Roswell Industrial Air Center, and another on Mescalero Street.
  • Average daily dry weather sewage flow in 1995 was 4.0 MGD with commercial and industrial flow comprising less than 1.0 MGD of the total flow.
  •  Projected sewage flows for 2005 was anticipated to be 8.0 MGD but this did not occur. The current average flow is 3.4 MGD.

Current Upgrades

To date the City has completed upgrading the wastewater treatment plant and converting the secondary treatment process to activated sludge. The upgrade has enabled the facility to comply with current effluent pollutant limitations on nitrate production, and chlorine handling. The renovation was completed in 2008. The WWTP is designed to treat 7.0 MGD, and the peak flow being 15 MGD.