Professional Integrity (Internal Affairs)

The Professional Integrity/Internal Affairs division's primary function is to ensure that members of the Roswell Police Department are held to the highest standard possible regarding professionalism, courtesy and job performance. The division carefully considers any complaint or concern, whether generated from within the department or from a citizen. When necessary, the division conducts internal investigations, reporting its findings to the police chief.

Input is Welcome

The police department invites input. If you have comments about the operation of the department and its officers, would like to commend or thank a specific officer, or need to voice a complaint or concern, please call (575) 624-6770 and ask to speak to the Professional Integrity Division.

Property Unit

The Professional Integrity division also operates the RPD's Property Unit. All evidence collected by or submitted to the RPD is controlled and maintained by the Property Unit, which stores items and keeps them secure. The Property Unit handles the release of items back to the proper owner at the appropriate time. According to policy, property that is deemed abandoned goes through a controlled disposal process. Some items are incinerated, while others are sent to auction.