Landfill Services

Roswell Municipal Landfill

The Roswell Municipal Landfill serves the residents of Roswell and Chaves County.

Tipping Fees

Customers that bring their trash to the landfill in a vehicle without a current water bill, the tipping fee will be $5.25 for the first 300 pounds or less, plus tax.

Free trash dropoff guidelines

Residents with a valid City water bill and identification will be waived the tipping fee once a month. Bill must be dated within 30 days and cannot be past due. This does not include tires, construction material, shingles, e-waste or heavy loads weighing more than 300 pounds. Load must be able to fit on a pick-up truck or 10-foot trailer.

Monthly Business Billing

Businesses bringing trash to the Landfill can set up an account and be billed monthly. To setup an account download the Landfill Account Application. Once completed upload and submit the form via our online submission form

Roll-Off Application

Roll-offs can be requested by businesses and residents. All Residential Roll-Offs must pay the first Pull Fee before Delivery Starting January 1, 2023.  To request a roll-off download the Roll-Off Account Application. Once completed upload and submit the form via our online submission form.  


  • All customers bringing trash to the Landfill should tarp their loads to prevent littering.
  • No commercial hazardous materials or bulk liquids will be accepted.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Disposal

HHW Services

  • The Municipal Landfill accepts common household hazardous wastes (non-commercial) from City residents only
  • The HHW site provides City residents a convenient option for safe disposal and recycling/reuse of their household hazardous waste
  • Only wastes exempted from federal hazardous waste standards (40CFR 261.4) and wastes solely from households will be accepted at the HHW site 
  • All HHW loads will be inspected

Acceptable HHW Items & Fees

Free Items
  • Batteries (all sizes)
  • Cleaners and solvents
  • Herbicides and pesticides
  • Paints 
  • Petroleum, oils and lubricants (POLs)
Items With Fees
  • Ballasts -  $3.00 per item or unit
  • E-waste -  $3.00 per item or unit
  • Fluorescent Bulbs  -  $3.00 per item or unit

Prohibited items

  • Chemicals and electronics from manufacturers
  • Chemicals from commercial and industrial businesses
  • Explosives and bullets
  • Highly flammable or toxic substances
  • Unknown chemicals or materials

Customer Self-Service

Check at the Scale House for the following self-service offerings:
  • Free mulch
  • Free paint