Police Officer Salary

The Roswell Police Department hires non-certified police recruits and certified police officers. To apply, you must be at least 20 years of age and turn 21 by the time you complete the state academy for your certification. Upon certification as law enforcement officers by the State of New Mexico and receipt of such certification by the city's Human Resources Department, a police recruit will promote to police officer. The employee will then receive step increases per the collective bargaining agreement. Police officers also receive compensation for court time and training outside of normal duty hours. For detailed monetary compensation/benefits, please contact the City of Roswell Human Resources Department (575-637-6268).
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Non-certified applicants who are accepted for employment with the RPD will be sent to the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy in Santa Fe for certification. The non-certified officer must be certified within one year of the date of hire. Applicants who are certified in another state may be considered for the abbreviated certification process at the academy. Employees who are hired and who attend the academy do so at the expense of the City of Roswell and are paid and receive benefits while at the academy. For more information regarding training, please call 575-624-6770 and ask for the Recruiting Officer or Training Sergeant.

Uniforms and Equipment

The Roswell Police Department will provide all initial-issue uniform items to include a full complement of summer and winter uniforms, jackets and boots. An annual uniform allowance is also provided. Sworn personnel have their choice of a department-issued handgun (Glock 17 or 19) or the employee may wish to carry a personal firearm (in accordance with policy). Also available to each sworn member is an M4 patrol rifle, Remington 870 shotgun, X26 Taser, and a host of additional cutting-edge equipment to assist the officer in safely completing duties.

Take-Home Cars

Officers who live within the city are permitted to take their cars home, as well as use them off-duty (with limited exceptions per policy).

Health Insurance

Coverage is provided by various companies through the State of New Mexico Risk Management agency. The employee's cost for the insurance premium depends on the health plan selected. Employees may choose to enroll eligible dependents. The employee and dependents are provided medical cards, as well as prescription cards that can be used at participating pharmacies. The amount of co-pays for doctors visits and other medical services depends on the health plan selected. The employee's coverage will be in effect the first of the month following the completion of 30 days of employment. A more complete explanation of coverage is available from the Human Resources Insurance Clerk (575-637-6268).


The City of Roswell is a member of the state Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA). All City employees except full-time students and temporary employees must be a member of PERA as a condition of employment. Police personnel contribute a portion of their salary for retirement and the City contributes an additional portion. Police are eligible for full retirement benefits after 25 years of service. For detailed PERA information, contact the City of Roswell Human Resources Department (575-637-6268).

Military Leave, Vacation Pay, Sick Leave, Longevity Pay

Please refer to the City of Roswell Human Resources Department (575-637-6268).

Work Schedule

With the exception of the executive staff, all sworn personnel work a compressed work week (four 10-hour shifts). Personnel assigned to the Patrol Division bid for shifts and days by seniority in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.


To address other questions, you may contact the Training/Recruiting Officer (575-624-6770) or the City of Roswell Human Resources Department (575-637-6268).