Homeless Services

When you try to help the homeless, direct donations, such as money or food, may provide immediate relief, but they often don't address the root causes of homelessness, such as mental-health issues, substance abuse, or lack of affordable housing. Without addressing these underlying issues, individuals or families may remain trapped in the cycle of homelessness.


Donating to the Roswell groups listed below will help provide longer-term resources for homeless people or families in need within Roswell, NM.

Community Kitchen - (575) 623-1926

Roswell Homeless Coalition - (575) 627-0668

Harvest Ministries - (575) 624-2415

Salvation Army - (575) 622-8700

Roswell Community Disaster Relief - (575) 208-4055

Waymaker Church - (575) 627-9190

Church on the Move - (575) 622-7011

Alianza of New Mexico - (575) 623-1995


Panhandling is not illegal in Roswell, NM. There are no City of Roswell ordinances or codes that limit or restrict panhandling within city limits. Therefore you should always be cautious and aware of your surroundings at stop lights, gas stations or anywhere a panhandler may ask you for help. 


Not all panhandlers are dangerous or violent people, but unfortunately you never know. The following tips for dealing with panhandlers are recommended for your safety.


- Don't approach panhandlers.

- Don't maintain eye contact.

- Don't give them money (they could buy drugs or alcohol).

- If on foot walk confidently and don't engage in conversation other than saying "no" to a request if you must.