Central Control

About Central Control: 

Central Control is based at 1200 W. Hobson and serves as the call center for the City of Roswell Utilities Department for any service needed by the citizens. This is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Central Control has a staff of 13.


Along with maintaining the call center, Central Control is responsible for: 

  • Water Production
  • Water Treatment
  • Well Operations and Maintenance
  • Storage Tank Operations and Maintenance
  • Installation of Water Meters
  • Maintenance and / or repair of Water Meters


  • 5 reservoirs storing 
  • 4 pressure regulating stations
  • 20 water production wells

Emergency Response: 

24-hour utility emergency response is maintained at Central Control (Phone: 575-347-5421), to respond to problems reported by the public and other agencies as well as other major emergencies, such as vehicle accidents, floods, windstorms, and snowstorms. 

Each subdivision has on-call staff to respond to afterhours calls from the public with respect to water and sewer on a daily basis.

Quick Facts 

  • The City has 26,189 acre feet of water rights available for consumption per year
  • 20,000 acre feet are currently pumped per year
  • There are 3,888 acre feet of water rights in reserve for future needs

Water Quality Reports

View recent water quality reports for the City's water system.

The State of New Mexico keeps a collection of information on our drinking water. To view that information click on the logo.  

NM Drinking Water Watch