South Park Cemetery

South Park Cemetery

The cemetery’s primary responsibility is the obvious – to provide burial and crematory services to the citizens. In doing so, it is a daily task to maintain the beauty of the property to create an atmosphere promoting a peaceful and pleasant experience for people visiting their departed loved ones.  

South Park Cemetery was founded in 1883 by a territorial grant and is an entity of the City of Roswell. The cemetery consists of 210 acres of which 120 acres is presently in use with internments of more than 30,000. The office is located on the main road of the cemetery by the large garrison flag pole.

Cemetery Board

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Cemetery Rules 

• No glass items are allowed to be used for decoration.

• No metal items are allowed to be used for decoration.

• Grave site decorations are limited to the sides of headstones. Decorations should not be placed in front of or back of the stone.

• No planting is allowed.

Please note glass and metal items and items place in front of or behind headstones interfere with maintenance and become shrapnel when they are caught in mowers. For the safety of our workers and all visitors we ask that you please limit decorations to the sides of headstones.