Bids & Proposals

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Purchasing Agent Responsibilities

The Purchasing Agent oversees the purchasing for the City of Roswell and ensures compliance with the State and City Procurement Codes.

State Procurement Code falls under Chapter 13 of the New Mexico State Statutes.

One goal of the purchase of goods and services with public funds is to encourage competition for these goods and services and to strive to obtain the best possible price for the items needed by the City. Particular emphasis is on the City Procurement Code purchasing thresholds.

The Purchasing Agent provides these thresholds and procedures to each department and those responsible for purchasing items for the departments. He or she oversees the bidding process, makes sure bids and proposals are properly advertised and opened according to State Statute. At times the Agent is responsible for developing bid and proposal guidelines and handling protests from bidders and proposals.

New Vendors, those not currently approved as "authorized vendors" by the City of Roswell Purchasing Department, should contact the department they wish to conduct business with and request a Vendor Information Form and a W-9 Form.  Once completed by the vendor, these forms are then submitted to the City of Roswell Purchasing Department for review and processing.  Once approved, a vendor is then entered into the City's vendor database and becomes an "authorized vendor".