Public Affairs

What is Public Affairs?

The Public Affairs Department handles a variety of functions connected to promoting the city to tourists and other visitors as a destination management organization, as well as communicating with local residents and media. As part of tourism promotion, the department creates marketing strategies and carries them out. In doing so, while managing its own budget, Public Affairs handles the marketing/advertising budgets of other city departments. City information on a wide variety of topics is shared with citizens through traditional media (news releases, interviews, etc.), as well as social media channels. Other key functions of the department are managing the lodgers’ tax system for the city, arranging and managing special events and handling contracts with community partners. In addition, the department serves as a liaison for other city departments to coordinate and distribute public information. The Public Affairs director serves as the liaison to the New Mexico Film Office. When it comes to facilities, Public Affairs oversees the Visitors Center and the Convention and Civic Center. 

Roles & Responsibilities

Tourism Promotion

The primary roles of the Director of Public Affairs is to promote Roswell as a travel and professional business meeting destination and work with the City’s contracted advertising agency to develop promotional materials and marketing strategies that attract visitors from around the world and that encourage overnight lodging.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies developed include, but are not limited to:
  • Media placements
  • Public relations activities
  • Tourism event coordination and promotion
  • Marketing tools and promotional collateral distributed via the Visitors Bureau (i.e. visitor brochures, videos, maps, etc).
A list of tourism events and links to digital marketing tools (iMobile brochure, videos of attractions, photo library, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that promote tourism can be accessed by visiting the See Roswell website.  

City Department and Enrichment Services Liaison

Additionally, the Director of Public Affairs, under supervision of the City Manager serves as a liaison to the various City departments and Enrichment Services to coordinate information needed by the public regarding City projects and events in the form of news/press releases, public service announcements, presentations and proclamations. 

New Mexico Film Office Partnership

The Director of Public Affairs also serves as the liaison to the New Mexico Film Office (NMFO) to work with filmmakers to coordinate locations, site selections, casting calls, equipment, permitting and promote Roswell tourism assets. To view the City of Roswell's filming procedures and to fill out a filming permit click here.

All Endorsed NM Film Office Liaisons follow a State Code of Conduct and work diligently to provide the following to the NMFO:
  • Core services to the film industry and NMFO (without a fee) which include:
    • Making suggestions for appropriate location choices
    • Gaining permission to scout, and preliminary permission to shoot locations
    • Providing location photos
    • Arranging site visits, including transportation, hotels, meals.  making referrals to appropriate businesses e.g. hotels, office spaces, vendors, etc.
    • Functioning as the liaison between community and company including familiarity with and/or coordination of required permits for filming activities
    • Liaison with local government officials, e.g. parks department, parking, fire, police, etc
  • All inquiries regarding the incentives available through the State of New Mexico;
  • All media inquiries which will be coordinated and approved by NMFO Director to keep with industry standards regarding client confidentiality; and data and statistics including number of local hires, number of production days, and expenditures made within the state, from small productions and commercials shooting in the Liaison’s jurisdiction. For more information about the NMFO or the State Liaison Network visit their website