Commorative Brick Program

Brick Campaign form as image

The Roswell Public Library is developing an outdoor Play & Learn area on the northside of the Library with access through the children's area, and an enhancing the Library Park located on Richardson Street.   

In order to create these projects, the Roswell Library Foundation is establishing a commemorative brick walk on the north and west side of the Library.  The commemorative brick project will enhance the curb appeal of the library and raise funds for these two projects.

We are requesting donations of $125 for each  4x8 inch brick. As a token of our appreciation for your generosity, we will install a brick with your name, business or your love one.  You will also receive a certificate signed by the library director.  For an additional fee we will provide a miniature replica of your personalized brick. 

Your donation will make a difference in our community by providing local children with an educational play area that will also be used for library programs. We hope you consider making a donation, because every donation helps a child learn. 

Roswell Library Foundation is tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code  (EIN 85-0270665). The donation of the installed brick is tax deductible.

Mini brick commemorative brick is 1.5 x 3 inches and .75 inches thick and has a felt back.  The mini brick is not tax deductible.  Mini bricks are to be picked up at the Roswell Public Library unless other arrangements are made and an $10 handling fee is paid.