Planning and Zoning 

Planning and Zoning issues permits for several different types of projects. Browse the list of permit forms available. For any assistance with obtaining a permit contact the Community Development office. 

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When a Permit is Required

Are you thinking about replacing your fence, installing a storage shed, building a carport, or widening your driveway? If so, and you live in the city, you likely need to obtain a permit. Please learn more about when a permit is required

You can find more information about permitting and other requirements for specific projects by reading the articles in the Community Development "Proper Permitting and Planning" series. 

Permit Forms 

  • Fencing Permit : Complete this form to apply for a fencing permit to install a fence or complete major fence repairs. 
  • Building Permit: Complete this form for renovations, remodels, additions or building of any kind. Examples of projects where a building permit is required include: storage sheds larger than than 200 sq. feet for residential property and larger than 120 sq. feet for commercial property, patio covers, gazebos, decks, pergolas, porches, carports and pools. 
  • Re-roofing Application: Complete this form if you are looking for re-roof installation. 
  • Homeowner's Plumbing Application: Complete this form before beginning any plumbing jobs. 
  • Electrical Application: Complete before any electrical work is done at any commercial or residential property. 
  • Conditional Use Multi-generational House Permit: complete this form to apply for a permit to have an additional living quarters (excluding a kitchen) on the same plot of land. 
  • Request for Land Development: Complete to apply for a permit to complete a variety of projects. These include: sidewalks, curb cuts, drive pad, alley cut, monitoring wells, excavations (in streets, alleys and or/ easements and worksites), utilities, paving or parking spaces, landscaping (i.e sprinklers, fountains or tree planting). You would also complete this application permit for building a pool along with the additional Building Permit
  • Special Use: Complete to apply for the special use of a property to function as otherwise intended. (Ex. having a professional office in a residential area. Professional offices might include: an attorney's office, real estate office, medical office, counseling office, etc). 
  • Placement Permit for Accessory Structure: Complete to apply for a permit to build or install an accessory structure. A placement permit should be used to install a storage shed 200 sq. feet or smaller in residential properties and 120 sq. feet or less for commercial properties. 
  • Preliminary Plat Application: Complete to propose a new subdivision . This requires additional details such as the land to be considered, number of lots to be subdivided, location of utilities, easements, drainage plans, etc. 
  • Zone District Change Application: Complete to apply for a change in zoning district of property or land parcel. 
  • Application for Variance: Complete to apply for an exception to codes when the configuration of a lot does not allow you to meet the standards requirements outlined in the code. Contact staff before completion of this form to schedule a review of the lot. Staff will then determine whether the lot meets extraordinary conditions that would cause a peculiar, exceptional or undue hardship on the property owner. 
  • Site/Drainage Plan Review Checklist: Complete for building applications; preliminary/final plat applications; landscaping permit applications; site grading/drainage permit applications; utilities permit applications and/or paving/parking surface permit applications. For the aforementioned permit applications, this form and the corresponding General Planning Application Form are required for review and processing.
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