Our staff has been working hard to provide an upgraded experience at the zoo. We have new animals, new exhibits and a few other renovations and changes! Learn more below. 

New Animals


Bennett's Wallaby

 They made their way from "Down Under" and landed at Spring River Zoo. Our Wallaby's Cash (short for Cashew) and Mac (short for Macadamia) have been at the zoo for just a few months and are so excited to welcome all zoo visitors. 


Potbelly Pig

Kevin loves: scratches, treats and walks around the zoo. He also has a few tricks up his sleeve, like hopping, turning in circles and a few more tricks you'll want to see in person. Kevin LOVES guests so make sure to drop by his exhibit during your visit. 

Photo of a beaver sitting in hay

American Beaver

Want to know how busy, Busy the Beaver can be? Stop by the zoo! Busy is one of the newest zoo resident and is already making a splash! Stop by to see him take a swim or just pad around his exhibit.  

New Exhibits

  • Our new Big Cat Exhibit was recently completed and ready for visitors to view and enjoy. Bret, our resident Mountain Lion, has enjoyed his new exhibit. This exhibit features viewing windows, bringing you closer to Bret than ever before. The exhibit is the result of years of hard work and a bright addition to the zoo. 
  • In order to accommodate our new residents, we revamped several exhibits! Take a look at this big change in our "Around the World" area. 
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On-Going Projects

Spring River Zoo is continually working to improve the experience of every zoo visitor. Some of those projects include, working to update the facility so we can welcome new animals, increase education opportunities, updates to the fishing pond and on-going landscaping.