Post-Event Lodgers' Tax Reimbursement

Following your event, organizers must complete the proper paperwork to receive their reimbursement. All forms must be typed and not handwritten. Below are the forms that must be completed: 

When turning in forms please provide copies of event surveys, supporting documents and a complete summary of the survey results for merchant, restaurant and lodging impact. 

All forms must be completed and submitted within ninety (90) days of the event's final day. All forms must be submitted to

Reimbursement Submission Process

1. Awardees of Lodgers' Tax funds will be reimbursed up to level of their approved funding allocation after an event has taken place.

2. In order for the awardee to receive reimbursement, the following must be submitted to the Public Affairs department (via

  1. Reimbursement Form
  2. Eligible Expense Invoice
  3. Copy of any advertisements or marketing materials to show that the marketing requirements were met:
    1. Photocopies of actual ads placed
    2. Pictures of actual billboards, posters displayed, t-shirt for registered participants, etc. 
    3. Written transcript for radio or television advertisement and air check or spot
  4. Detailed proof of payment for each eligible expense (copy of cleared check from the bank/credit card statement)
  5. Event Report to include survey results for room nights in the City, overall event attendance, registered participant list
  6. Financial statement of the complete budget with the advertising/marketing budget clearly broken out

3. All requests will be reviewed for eligibility and may be denied if they are not eligible expenses.

4. Requests for reimbursement may be submitted in multiple submissions. No reimbursement will be issued without receipt of the appropriate support documents, Event Report and financial statement OR after ninety (90) calendar days from the last day of the event.

Lodgers Tax Invoice Reimbursement Example

Invoice Submission Guide