Applications are due noon Aug. 1, 2023, for events occurring between Jan. 1, 2024, and June 30, 2024.

Download Lodgers' Tax Funding Request HERE
(Note: Your event may also require completion of a Special Event Permit form and/or a Street Closure form, available here.)

Lodgers' Tax Process:

  1. Submit complete application to
  2. Occupancy Tax Board reviews and provides recommendation to Finance Committee.
  3. Finance Committee reviews recommendation. The committee can: 
    • Make a funding request to City Council with changes.
    • Make a funding request to City Council without changes.
    • Deny recommendation.  
    • Table recommendation.
  4. City Council may:
    • Award funding request as presented.
    • Award funding request with changes. 
    • Deny funding request.

Lodgers' Tax funding is available to assist with the cost of advertising, publicizing, and promoting tourist-related events to out-of-town visitors, at least 30 miles from Roswell, with the intent of generating overnight hotel stays. Lodgers' Tax funding cannot be used to fund, establish, or host an event, or to pay for operational or administrative costs, including entertainment. 

Promotional materials must include the Lodgers' Tax logo located at the bottom of this page to be eligible for reimbursement.

Approval and award of funds must be granted by City Council before any expenditures are incurred. None of the 3 Ps (Placement, Production, Purchase) can take place before the applicant receives an award letter.

Please refer to our Lodgers' Tax policy for Application Process, Eligible Expenses, Applicant Requirements, and Reimbursement Process.

The OTB meets a minimum of four times per year and potentially once a month. The board will consider Lodgers' Tax Funding Requests twice during the year, and should maintain high eligibility standards for recommendations. The OTB generally meets the third Tuesday of the month from 2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Radio, television, newspaper, billboard or magazine advertisements
  • Posters, brochures, flyers, postcards, or other marketing materials
  • Postage to mail marketing materials
  • Website, Facebook, or other Internet paid advertising placement
  • Free T-shirts for registered participants or attendees (Note: T-shirts that are sold or distributed to event staff are not eligible expenses).
  • Security and/or Police services 
  • Fire and/or Emergency services
  • Sanitation 

Complete all required fields (Lodgers' Tax Request and complete marketing budget/plan sheet) in the Lodgers' Tax Funding Request. The documents are fillable PDFs that you can type into directly. All forms must be typewritten; handwritten forms will not be accepted. Email completed forms to

To Apply:

Download the Lodgers' Tax Funding Application.

The role of the Occupancy Tax Board (OTB) is to make recommendations to the City's Finance Committee based on its scoring of applications for Lodgers' Tax funding. The OTB will review and score applications based on the following criteria: 

Criteria  Point Value
Return on investment to the community based on tourism i.e. additional Lodgers’ Tax generated as a direct result of your organization or event (estimated attendance from out-of-town visitors, estimated room nights in local lodging facilities) 25 points 
Historical performance of the event including award dollars used, prior attendance and room nights, Lodgers’ Tax per attendee 20 points 
Estimated cost of service request from City departments 15 points
Other economic impact i.e. additional Gross Receipts Tax generated as a direct result of your organization or event (restaurants, purchasing in local stores)10 points 
Record of submitting required documents to City in a timely manner 10 points
General attendance to the event including local attendees 10 points 
Uniqueness of the event 10 points 

Funding timeline

ActionRound 1 
(Events July-Dec. 2023)
Round 2 
(Events January-June 2024)
Lodgers' Tax Funding Application dueMay 1Aug. 1
OTB review/recommendation to Finance CommitteeMay 16Aug. 15
Finance Committee Review of OTB recommendationJune 1Sept. 7
Council review of Finance Committee recommendationJune 8Sept. 14
Mayor signs paperwork, award notification letters draftedJune 9Sept. 15
Award notification letters sent outJune 13Sept. 19

Lodgers' Tax Logo:

This logo must be used on promotional materials for events funded by the City of Roswell Lodgers' Tax. The statement required on all marketing is "Paid in part by the City of Roswell Lodgers' Tax."