CleanIT! Form

Keep Roswell Beautiful clean it form

Keep Roswell Beautiful launched this initiative in March of 2020. While city workers are continually on the lookout for litter and other trash trouble areas that need to be addressed, one of the most efficient ways for the city to learn about areas in need of some care is from local residents who see these types of situations in their own neighborhoods and other areas of town where they travel regularly.

Keep Roswell Beautiful and the City of Roswell’s Sanitation Department, Streets Department, and Community Development Department are working to keep the community looking good and would like the public’s help in reporting public areas that are in need of a cleanup to remove litter and other trash.

When an area is reported through the CleanIT Form, it is reviewed to determine which department is the best choice to clean up the areas reported. It should be noted, however, the City employees cannot do cleanup on private property, or property outside of the City limits.

Keep Roswell Beautiful appreciates the public’s help in reporting areas in need of cleanup so everyone can enjoy a clean, safe and well-kept community.

If you want to fill out a submission just click this "Litter Alert CleanIT! Form"