A group of youth stand in a park, preparing for a cleanup project.

Empowering Youth

KRB seeks to empower Roswell youth. This empowerment comes through a multitude of avenues, programs, and events. Through the Empowering Youth Cleanup Fundraiser Program KRB has grant funding to pay youth clubs, organizations, teams, etc. to do community cleanups in Roswell as a fundraiser for their group, and KRB will even provide free supplies to do it! Youth will discover they have the power to make their community a more beautiful place to live, while raising funds for their group. A true win-win! If you're interested in doing a youth cleanup fundraiser, call KRB coordinator, Kathy Lay, at 575-500-0395.

A group of youth stand together in a field with a pile of trash bags from a community cleanup.

Another way KRB empowers youth is through the Youth Intern Program. Past youth interns have served in a variety of roles, such as a videographer and a program ambassador. 

A past program ambassador, Mason, completed several presentations over the course of her internship with KRB. Through her presentations she provided information for Roswell youth on Keep Roswell Beautiful, program projects, and even provided ideas that encourage youth to become involved. 

Follow along as Mason provides some insight on Keep Roswell Beautiful and what Roswell youth can do to better our community. 

A woman and two children in a park cleaning up litter.

Community Involvement 

Keep Roswell Beautiful strives to have an involved community in each project and event. That involvement can come from individuals, businesses, teams, clubs, organizations, or groups volunteering for KRB events with KRB providing citizens with the tools, resources, and recognition to complete their projects. Together we can Keep Roswell Beautiful!