"The Great Grilled Cheese Book: Grown-Up Recipes for a Childhood Classic" - Eric Greenspan & "Clean + Dirty Drinking" - Gabriella Mlynarczyk

The kitchen is a place rife with creativity as evidenced by the continuous stream of unique cookbooks written. From dietary restrictions to drinks and desserts, perfecting a singular dishes and general cuisine, the library has recipe books of all kinds that are sure to include perfect palette-pleasers or inspire home chefs to concoct their own culinary creations.

Eric Greenspan is a chef that is recognizable from numerous television appearances and his new book “The Great Grilled Cheese Book” is eye-catching in its own right. Greenspan elevates this childhood classic by playing with the types of cheeses and breads used, as well as adding different combinations of non-cheese elements to keep things interesting. Most of these aren’t going to be quick “throw it on the pan” options, as many of the elements are provided their own individual recipes to keep the quality high. A twist on the monte cristo sandwich includes the recipe for fried chicken and the strawberry jam and the steakhouse will require making fresh fried onion rings and the steak. There’s even a guide on how to create different flavors of American cheese utilizing sriracha, beer and even maple syrup. These generally won’t help with any New Year’s diet resolutions, but that’s not what this delicious grown-up comfort food is all about.

“Clean + Dirty Drinking” by Gabriella Mlynarczyk is more of a guide than a recipe book at times, but it provides plenty of both. Boasting over 100 delicious drinks that can be enjoyed with or without booze, this book is full of information that will be fascinating to fans of either option. There’s a section for tools (muddler, mandolin and even tweezers), straining, shaking, whipping and measuring, superfoods, herbs and even glassware. The guide to making drinks themselves is the truly impressive part, as it provides many different options for base ingredients that you can use to build flavor in your own creations or go straight to the finished result. You can make your own flavored syrups, vermouth, kombucha and foams to make beverages such as brown butter-washed banana rum, oolong cola syrup, a sweet & sour shrub and garnishes like prosciutto chips and sesame and five-spice candied popcorn. This one is perfect for the burgeoning bartender working on unique, signature drinks or those seeking nutritious drinks and looking for more variety in their healthy drinking options. Either way, Mlynarczyk provides more than enough information to inspire experimenting and thinking outside the box on beverages as you’ve come to expect them. "The Great Grilled Cheese Book" can be found in Adult Nonfiction under the call number 641.84 G853G and "Clean + Dirty Drinking" can be found under the call number 641.87 M699C.

-Amanda, Roswell Public Library, New Mexico