"The Strange Library" - Haruki Murakami

What a unique little book. Murakami is my best friend’s favorite author and she has been encouraging me to read his work for years now. "The Strange Library" was my first Murakami experience. I found it while browsing my own local strange library and was attracted to the short length and interesting accompanying photographs/illustrations. I figured that a great gateway to Murakami could be a short piece that would introduce me to his work and allow me to test the waters.

While I do feel like I experienced the story as part of a confusing and erratic fever dream, I really did enjoy the writing. The story revolves around a young boy who is perusing the library before he has to be home for dinner. After sitting down to read a set of reference books that cannot be checked out, he finds himself trapped in a labyrinth underneath the library in which he must memorize three large books on the Ottoman Empire in order to be released. If he cannot memorize these books in their entirety, a man will eat his brains. After completing "The Strange Library," I am excited to read more of Murakami’s work. The book can be found in our Adult Fiction section under Murakami.

*PS: After working in several different libraries, I can confirm that every branch has a basement in which an old man looking to eat your brains lives.  

-Maddie, Roswell Public Library, New MexicoTheStrangeLibrary