Consolidated Dispatch


Pecos Valley Regional Communications Center (PVRCC). PVRCC serves as the county’s Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to include the City of Roswell. Pecos Valley Regional’s public safety telecommunicators are on duty in the center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The call takers are responsible for receiving and processing 9-1-1 calls from 9 emergency lines and assisting the public and responders by answering 4 administrative lines. After hours, the center is the sole source of administrative information for the City of Roswell and the Chaves County Sheriff’s department.

The Pecos Valley Regional dispatchers monitor and facilitate radio traffic on 17 frequencies, dispatching appropriate resources, updating call information, and keeping detailed accounts of incidents to enable accurate reports for the agencies served.

2019 Call Statistics 

  • 5,024 calls were received to 9-1-1 from Landlines.
  • 696 calls to 9-1-1 from Voice over Internet Protocols (VOIP). 
  • 42,705 emergency calls were from wireless phones (cellular devices).
  • Administrative calls facilitated by the center totaled 123, 897. 
  • PVRCC processed 66,380 computer-aided dispatch incidents (CAD) for the Roswell Police Department. 

Additional Responsibilities

Consolidated dispatch monitors the alarms systems for the Roswell Air, Aquatic and Recreation Centers. Staff notifies the proper authorities and contacts the center administration on activations or issues. PVRCC is responsible for custodianship of the physical warrants for the court system of Chaves County. They serve also as the primary resource point for the local and national crime databases. In December of 2019 there were over 4,500 active warrants on file. 


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