We Believe

May 2, 2019 the City of Roswell celebrated the launch of our new brand. The event, "We Believe: A Celebration of Roswell" was a day filled with opportunity and excitement for the future of our city.  We are fully invested in celebrating our city and the citizens who call Roswell home. 

Roswell, NM is an eccentric place. A place where the West meets mystery, where we embrace the quirky, where being different is in demand. A place of inspiration, a place for something new, a place that lives in everyone. Here is what we believe in: 

We Believe in Aerospace 

We Believe in Art

We Believe in Ranching

We Believe in Roswell

New Mexico_Color

About Our Brand...

In June of 2019 our new brand was officially trademarked. This protects our logo from unauthorized use by entities or individuals. We want to make sure our logo remains unique to our city and give an identifiable graphic to associate with our city. 

In keeping with the city’s new branding effort aimed at reflecting Roswell’s sense of community, local businesses may use the logo when promoting themselves as being located in and having affiliation with Roswell, such as placing the logo in their store windows or printing it on their customer receipts. However, businesses cannot use the logo for their own individual profit, such as selling their own products with the logo or using it on any advertising designed to help sell specific products. 

If you have any questions about the city's trademarked logo and allowable uses, or to seek permission for logo use, please contact our Graphic Designer Sarah Mark at s.mark@roswell-nm.gov.