Alien Forms

April 20-October 27, 2019
Entry Gallery

This spring, the Museum is sifting through the vaults to display some of the more unusual and rarely-seen works of art in RMAC’s collection. Alien Forms is a celebration of all things weird and wonderful in the world of art, from a tall, spindly textile sculpture by former Roswell Artist-in-Residence Rebecca Davis to the organic swirls of Emil Bisttram, and a goofy parody of modern art by Gustave Baumann. Images of enormous insects or a dozen screaming faces may be disconcerting to some, but the context of their production and conceptual underpinnings reveal insights about the role that art plays in our society. 

Their forms might be alien and uncomfortable, but the fascination that many people have for curious and unique things is a very human trait – one that will be sure to draw you to explore these wonderful works and challenge you to offer some of your own interpretations.