Internship Information

The City of Roswell’s internship program provides opportunities for individuals to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of governmental processes through pre-professional work experiences in various occupational fields.

The internship program is designed to provide qualified candidates with meaningful and educational work experience to supplement and enhance their academic programs. In return, the City derives the full benefit of the students' capabilities to assist in normal work activities and/or with special projects and events. Additionally, internships enable students to establish effective working relationships with professional staff which may be beneficial to their future career development.


Anyone may apply for an internship, but the preference is placed on either high school or college students who will receive course credit. Qualified interns must also be:
• At least 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license.
• Able to pass a drug screen and background check.
• Considering a profession related to some aspect of the City's business objectives.
• Able to provide course credit information from their respective program, if receiving course credit.

Program Structure

Each intern position will align with the requirements of their program as well as the project goals with the City. Interns will be hired as temporary employees with a pre-determined work period. The work schedule may be up to 40 hours per week, but will be set with the internship supervisor within the department.

Each internship will typically have an outlined project or work goal for the work period in line with the intern’s program of study. Weekly check-ins will be performed with the internship supervisor within the department.

Program Compensation

All City of Roswell internships will be compensated unless prohibited by their program. The compensation will be determined based on the area of work and project scope.

More information on the type of internships available and contact information can be found here.