Space Look and Story Book

This program is designed for children ages 2 ½-6 years. Each week we will explore a different theme about our stars, planets, moon, and rockets. Each program contains a video in the planetarium, a story book about the theme, and a game or hands-on activity to further reinforce concepts through play- based learning. 

February 7th  10-11am
Theme: Roaring Rockets!
Book: Roaring Rockets
Planetarium Video: “Rocky’s Space Adventure”
Description: We blast off in this program by discussing rockets, what makes them go, and what astronauts need in space. Students will explore these concepts through a picture book, a video in the planetarium, and become space explorers by making their own zooming rockets.

February 14th  10-11am
Theme: Moon Motions
Book: Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me
Planetarium Video: ”Happy Birthday Moon”
Description: Combining movement activities with a story and video, your tiny cosmonauts will learn about our Moon, what makes it shine, and its phases. We will conclude with a “Moon Jump” game to get our bodies moving and brains thinking about what makes the Moon so unique.

February 21st  10-11am
Theme: Cool Constellations
Book: The Big Dipper (Let’s Read and Find Out Science) and Zoo in the Sky
Planetarium Video: “Stars! Stars! Stars!”
Description: The sky’s the limit when we learn about constellations! Children will learn about the constellations in our night sky focusing on the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, the North Star, and how their positions change based on the seasons. We will create our own constellations and make them shine!

February 28th  10-11am
Theme: Soaring Through the Solar System
Book: There’s No Place like Space
Planetarium Video: “Interplanet Janet- Schoolhouse Rock”
Description: During this session we will all become astronaut explorers as we travel through our solar system. We will get our brains thinking about the various planets in our solar system, their sizes, and how they move. We will then get moving, work together, imagine we are planets, and think about how they move in our solar system. 


Instructors: Amanda Nicholson and Jeremy Howe

Tuesdays for 4 weeks


February 7th-28th

Ages: 2 ½-6 years 

$5 per child per session or $20 for all four 

You must pre-register for these sessions. Children must be accompanied by an adult, maximum of 20 students. For Pre-K and daycare children: 1 adult per every 5 students.