Children and Adult Weekend Workshops

“Wonder Wander” Slide Presentation and Q & A with artist Gail Rieke
Gail Rieke is featured in RMAC’s exhibition The Art of the Book

The “suitcase wall” is a floor to ceiling installation at Rieke Studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
What’s inside all of those suitcases? Wonder Wander is a digital slide presentation that answers that question. Explore picture travel journal suitcases that are opened to reveal contents inspired by
various adventures. Travel experiences are translated into collage, drawing, writing, photography, books, rubbings, and more.

September 10th

Rieke Suitcase Wall

Making Comics: Panel by Panel

comic book

Class Details

  • Instructor: Jeff Benham                          
  • Age: Grades 6-12                                  
  • Cost
    • $30 members
    • $40 non-members
  • Saturday
  • October 8th
  • 10:30 a.m. - noon

Word and image combine in comics to form a storytelling medium like no other. Join Jeff Benham, a member of 7000 BC comics writers and artists, and discover the visual language that makes comics unique in this fast-paced, hands-on workshop—and create your own comics.

Altered Books and Kusudama Flowers

Altered books is the art of upcycling, deconstructing, and reimagining the book. Using discarded books from libraries or public schools, participants will learn single, double, and triple folds of the pages to create a sculptural art piece which can sit on a shelf or be hung on a wall. Kusudama flowers are paper constructions using origami folds to make a five petal flower which can be used to decorate a gift, displayed on a shelf, or in a bouquet.

*Each student needs to bring a discarded hard back book.

Partial scholarship assistance available. 


Class Details

  • Instructor: Joy Campbell and Susan Moore             
  • Age: 12 – Adult
  • Cost
    • $75 members
    • $85 non-members
  • Saturday, October 15th 
    • 1:30 – 4:00 pm

The Surprising Form of Memory: Writing a Pantoum

The ancient pantoum is an ideal form for writing about the past. With a little direction, even uncertain writers are eased into shaping crystalline poems, and more experienced writers will have the chance to delve into subjects that might not have opened them up before. The pantoum lets the writer move forward and back, collaging voices and viewpoints. Lauren will offer brief historical background on the form, then lead students in an idea-generating exercise that will produce the raw material for each student’s unique pantoum. She will also provide tips for how to craft a good pantoum line, so it can shift in meaning over the course of the poem.

Partial scholarship assistance available.

Lauren Camp

Class Details

  • Instructor: Lauren Camp                                               
  • Age: 14-Adult
  • Cost
    • $75 members
    • $85 non-members
  • Saturday, November 12th
  • 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. 

Second Saturday

Join us for our continuing nine-month program of gallery experiences and hands-on art activities for students in grades 3-12 on the second Saturday of the month.

More Information
For more details or to register a student for the upcoming session, please contact Curator of Education, Amanda Nicholson at:
 575-624-6744, ext. 22.  
Second Saturday Class
Registration opens two weeks before each session.  Space is limited. This program is sponsored by the Roswell Museum and Art Center Foundation.

Class Details

  • Second Saturday of the month
  • January-September
  • Grades 3 – 12
  • 10 a.m. – Noon

Upcoming Sessions


September 10th- Miranda and Elaine Howe

Jazz it Up! – Listening to music, we will create vibrant marks exploring a variety of paint and drawing materials. These colored lines and shapes will be cut out and layered to compose a larger piece. The finished works will hang in the student gallery through the October Block Party and Jazz Festival.