Pecos Trails Transit

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  1. ADA Eligibility

    If you can't use regular Pecos Trails buses, call us to find out how to qualify to use special transportation for the disabled.

  2. Bus Routes Information

    Download and print the bus routes map, view route stops and times, and view information about bus schedules.

  3. Fare Information

    Please have your fare ready and pay upon boarding with exact change, token or pass. Exact fare, please. For your safety, drivers do not carry change. Fare boxes do accept dollar bills.

  4. Holidays

    View the list of holidays on which Pecos Trails is closed.

  5. Monthly Passes

    Monthly Passes are available for all riders. Passes are available in the week before the end of the month. Pass prices are as follows.

  6. Policies

    Get to know our policies so we can all enjoy the bus rides without problems.